Hi all,

Many of you saw this week's breaking news on the Save Bristol Bay campaign regarding the Pebble Tapes. If you missed it, here's AN OVERVIEW and where we stand for taking action.

What are the Pebble Tapes: A series of 12 videos by the Environmental Investigative Agency that recorded conversations between executives from the Pebble Limited Partnership and Northern Dynasty Minerals with investigators posing as potential mine investors. The videos uncovered that Pebble is planning a significantly larger mine plan than what was submitted to the Army Corps of Engineers and the public, and overwhelming political support to push forward a project that is unsupported by science and public opinion. WATCH THE VIDEOS HERE.

What happened next: On Wednesday, the CEO of Pebble Limited Partnership Tom Collier resigned from his position in light of the Pebble Tapes.

What does this mean: We are celebrating that this bad actor is gone, but Pebble is still a threat, and Collier's resignation doesn't change the fact that Pebble is still planning a mine much bigger than expected and used political connections to push along their fraudulent mine plan. This is unacceptable.

What needs to happen now: Congress needs to investigate Pebble, and the Army Corps of Engineers needs to deny Pebble's permit application today. HERE IS THE NEW TAKE ACTION LINK TO SEND A MESSAGE TO MEMBERS OF CONGRESS. Please share the link far and wide and encourage friends, family and others to send a note.

As always, let me know if you have questions on any of the content or action requests. Thank you all!


Meghan Barker
Bristol Bay Organizer
Trout Unlimited
Anchorage, Alaska


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